We offer some of the best wild boar hunting in Alberta.

Alberta Boar Hunting

Alberta wild boar hunting is a year round fun hunt for all ages and hunting experience. In Alberta we have very few free ranging wild boar so your best bet is to hunt the Savage Encounters Ranch insuring a successful Alberta wild boar hunt. Our estate hunts for wild boar and exotics is open year round. Hunting for Trophy tusker wild boars was once the sport of kings in Europe. Now anyone of any age can enjoy a great Alberta wild boar hunting adventure with there choice of weapon.

Master Guide Chad SAVAGE Lenz will take you to the deepest darkest swamp in his back yard for trophy or non-trophy Alberta wild boar and exotics. If you prefer a do it your self style hunt that is an open option also. Your research ends here with your quest for the king of pigs, the Alberta wild boar!!

Chad Lenz
Savage Encounters
Box 731 Caroline, AB T0M-0M0
Call: 1 (403) 844-7603 | info@savageencounters.com

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